Behaviour of Composite Structure under Fire

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Bhavana B
Sindhu D


The purpose of this paper is to investigate the behaviour of composite structure under fire.
The main objective of fire structural analysis is to predict the effect of fire on buildings. The
resistance and the structural performance under heating caused by the fire depends on the
material degradation at elevated temperature. Elevated temperature is a potential threat for
any structural building that
Can cause damage. Effect of temperature depends on the material properties, mechanical
boundary conditions, loading, and thermal conditions. Response of composite material made
up of concrete and steel exposed to fire is considered for the study. This paper focuses on the
structural analysis of a composite structure under
Fire loading. Six storeyed structure is considered for the analysis. SAP 2000 and Etabs software
is used for modelling and analysis of composite structure
With mechanical properties. Fire load is applied at different fire locations. The primary
objective of this work is to check the effect of temperature variation on deflection of composite


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