Comparative Study of Super-Structure Stability systems for Economic Considerations

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Anusha P. Gowda
Atharva Ramdurgkar
Nikhil Naik


The scope of the study includes analysis and design and comparison of waffle slab, flat slab
and conventional slab system. Design of the slab systems are done for different spacing/ grid
size of column to find out which grid size of the column spacing or plan area, which slab
type is economical. The plan includes 36x36m in which variation of column spacing 6x6m,
9x9m, 12x12m and vertical variations are 10 story with each storey height being 3.5m for
each system. Code referral basis are IS 456:2000 and IS 875, 1893:2000. Material overuse
could be usually done if the sections and rebar quantity provided is in excess, that is either
by over reinforcing or excess cross sectional area of elements. Hence to optimize the same,
a comparative study of structural analysis for the above mentioned grid spacing is carried
out (Limit State), and ultimately the best economical system is found out leading to less
consumption of construction materials (10 percent wastage included).


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