Feasibility Study on Metro Rail and BMTC Integrated Connectivity to KIA

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Ankur Shokeen
BK Pradeep Kumar


The aviation industry in India is growing with rapid pace. Government of India offers various schemes to boost air travel. As per annual report of 2018 by AAI (AIRPORT AUTHORITY OF INDIA) there are 80 active airports in India. KIA(KEMPEGOWDA INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT) started operating on 24 MAY 2008.The transport which is used to connect the airport to city is cabs, private vehicles and bus(vayu-vajra).For airport shuttle service, the BMTC(BANGALORE METROPOLITIAN TRANSPORT CORPORATION) has a fleet of comfortable, air-conditioned Volvo buses -Vayu Vajra which connects the airport and the city through 11 routes. The study tries to explore potential of extending metro connectivity to K.I.A. Extension of METRO will be faster, cheaper and far more effective in providing mass transit connectivity to the city. This study attempts to undertake the exploration of metro connectivity on broader level rather than establishing the technical feasibility and viability of such connectivity. The exploration is done based on questionnaire and traffic data available. The analysis will be performed using VISSIM software and graphical method.


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