Fe Modelling And Analysis Of Two-Way Gfrp Sandwich Slim Floors

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Amna K Sonu
Divya K K


Innovative flooring systems utilizing lightweight Glass fiber reinforced polymer composite materials may have the significant potential to offer both economic and performance benefits compared to conventional concrete and steel systems. However before widely adopted by industries, fundamental understanding of their mechanical behaviour is necessary. The key focus of this project is an investigation into the mechanical behaviour of a new two-way GFRP sandwich slim floor system. The proposed new two-way GFRP sandwich slim floor system is in essence, a GFRP sandwich slab with GFRP beam. The sandwich slab assemblies were built-up sections made from pultruded web-core profiles incorporated between two flat panels, connected via adhesive bonding. A GFRP rectangular or I beam is provided as the beam and it is either partially encased or not. 3D finite element analyses are performed to provide detailed insight into the structural behaviour and to predict the deformation and failure loads. Different analysis such as static, impact, modal and buckling analyses are carried out and the performances are evaluated. GFRP sandwich slim floor with partially encased I beam with GFRP bars has high load carrying capacity and bending stiffness. Also it has better impact resistance. The fundamental natural frequency obtained from the FE analysis indicates better stiffness characteristics of the slim floor. All the buckling loads were higher than the maximum load carrying capacity of the GFRP sandwich slim floor. Hence, local buckling does not seem to be a crucial issue under the present loading conditions.


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