Behavior of Structure Resting on a Single Column

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Sunil Kumar Tengali
Abdul Ghafoor Malang


Structural Analysis involves the determination of behavior of a structure in order to predict the
responses of different structural components due to effect of loads. Each and every structure will
be subjected to either one or the groups of loads, the various kinds of loads normally considered
are dead load, live load, earth quake load and wind load. ETABS (Extended Three-Dimensional
Analysis of Building System) is a software which is incorporated with all the major analysis engines
that is static, dynamic, Linear and non-linear, etc. and especially this Software is used to analyze
and design the buildings. A G+3 storey building is considered for this study. Analysis is carried
out by static method and design is done as per IS 456:2000 guidelines.
Also, an attempt has been made to design the structural elements manually. The design and
analysis of RCC structure supported on single column is done in this work. This paper presents
structural modeling, stress, bending moment, Shear force and displacement design considerations
for a structure and it is analyzed using ETABS. Various steps involved in designing of RCC
structure supported on a single column using ETABS are, Geometric modeling, providing material
properties and section properties, fixing supports and boundary conditions, providing loads and
load combinations, special commands, analysis specification and Design Command.


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