Digital Transformation-Effect of Social Media on Digital Buying Behaviour of Teenagers

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Jaya Beri
Pallavi Kumari


Internet and social media have become an integral, inseparable and definite part of our lives and thus it plays an important role in purchase decision of varied kinds of products online where teens are considered to play a crucial changing factor. This study attempt to reveal the various factors of Internet and social media that influences the purchase decision among teens of Patna and Ranchi considering online peer communication, social networking groups, Brand/company pages online and several other factors. In-depth literature reviews reveals the growth of social media and internet as a key to teenager socialization and teen profiling remains a challenge along with several other factors e.g.; Brand interaction through social media page, online social groups of brand influencers along with cultural effect on teen socialization. Hypothesis testing is done using ANOVA suggests a significant trend in involvement of demographic/environmental factors as a key influencer in purchase decision making style of the teenagers. Socialization process is analyzed among 330 respondents .The result shows a positive influence of antecedent variables like age, social media and peer involvement in purchase decision making and product involvement in family decision making. The study is significantly important for companies who are attempting to make a mark in minds of the teenagers who are not only a potential future consumer but is also a lucrative present costumer. This study will be useful for business operating online, researchers and for all those business that are connected with E-commerce.


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Beri, J., & Kumari, P. (2022). Digital Transformation-Effect of Social Media on Digital Buying Behaviour of Teenagers. ADHYAYAN: A JOURNAL OF MANAGEMENT SCIENCES, 12(01), 35-40.
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