Commute Factors Analysis; A Scare of Employeesin Indian Suburban railway

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Anand Kumar Gupta
Anand Mohan Agrawal
Pawan Kumar Singh


This research paper is an inquiry of hurdles that commuters of Indian railways face every day, and attempts to diagnose the relationships between the employee commute and its impact on employee wellbeing. This article also aims to create awareness about the problems of commute and its insight solution for the commuting experience of employees. Either pleasant or not; consequences of the commuting is discussed with a focus on employee satisfaction and withdrawal behavior. Now a days whole Indian railway sector of transport is reporting structural changes to create an atmospheric up gradation and modernization to conventional transport mode. The data collected through a sample survey of 540 regular movers through Indian railway commuters employed in a number of organizations in NCR Region, gone through the train-Dart experienced which is responsible for creating highest levels of a negative outcome on reaching their workplace. So this research attempts to discuss crowding factors affecting commuters well-being and to envisage its operations for regular employees who commute for their job purposes through (IR) Indian railway.


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Gupta, A., Agrawal, A., & Singh, P. (2017). Commute Factors Analysis; A Scare of Employeesin Indian Suburban railway. ADHYAYAN: A JOURNAL OF MANAGEMENT SCIENCES, 7(02), 01-06. Retrieved from
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